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From Columbus to Bermuda Triangle: top nautical riddles

May 19, 2014 - Author: bdadmin

From Columbus to Bermuda Triangle: top nautical riddles that shook the world

From Columbus to Bermuda Triangle: top nautical riddles that shook the world

Bermuda Triangle | Mysteries evolving around sea depths seem to be never ending, indeed, some truly intimidating as no clues are found, and some left to be unsolved as though intentionally, to be part of folklore or across-the-board stereotypes, just perfect to share with kids.

One of them, the famed Santa Maria, Columbus’ flagship wreckage seems to have been riddled at long last. It’s hard to believe, though, how many of the mysteries have already sunk into oblivion, rendered utterly impossible to solve, due to lack of evidence, or initiative. Radio VR has compiled a list of those that once made headlines globally and have been spreading from generation to generation by word of mouth.

Columbus’ wrecked ship found after 500 years

~Photo: AP/Michael Rosskothen

More than five centuries after Christopher Columbus’s flagship, the Santa Maria, was wrecked in the Caribbean, archaeologists tentatively assume they have finally discovered the shipwreck long buried on the sea bed off Haiti coast, in what seems to be a perfectly grand archeological happening ever!

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“All the geographical, underwater topography and archaeological evidence strongly suggests that this wreck is Columbus’ famous flagship, the Santa Maria,” shares his joy Barry Clifford, the leader of a recent reconnaissance expedition to the site, America’s top nautical archaeological investigator.

The Santa Maria, Niña and Pinta – these are the ships that led the Italian explorer’s 1492 expedition to the new world and are perfectly known to all since school years.

Though many feel skeptical about Columbus being the first European to set foot in north America, giving all the credit to the Vikings and their leader Leif Ericsson, allegedly the first settler in Newfoundland.

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A full-fledged excavation of the site is now planned, with the support of the government of Haiti, which has already played a part in the investigation.

Bermuda Triangle mystery: Cyclops leave no traces behind

One of the first stories connected to the Triangle legend and the most famous ship lost in the region was the USS Cyclops which disappeared in 1918. The 542 foot long Cyclops was launched in 1910 and served as a collier ( a ship that carries coal) for the U.S. Navy during World War I. The vessel was on its way from Bahia, Salvador, to Baltimore, Maryland, but never arrived. After it had made an unscheduled stop at Barbados on March 3rd and 4th to take on additional supplies, it disappeared without a trace. No wreckage from the ship was ever found and no distress signal was received. The deaths of the 306 crew and passengers of the USS Cyclops remains the single largest loss of life in U.S. Naval history not directly involving combat.

While the sinking of the Cyclops remains a mystery, the incident could have happened anywhere between Barbados and Baltimore, not necessarily in the Bermuda area.

Proponents of the Bermuda Triangle theory point to the fact there was no distress call as evidence of a paranormal end for the vessel, but the truth is that wireless communication in 1918 proved unreliable and it can’t be ruled unusual for a rapidly-sinking vessel to not have sent a direct distress call before sinking.

Sulphur Queen tanker in sullen Atlantic waters

The SS Marine Sulphur Queen, a tanker ship carrying molten sulphur, disappeared off the southern coast of Florida in 1963. 39-strong crew was all lost and no wreckage was ever found. Whatever the reasons may be and whatever the temptation to link it to the Bermuda Triangle, but one thing is clear: the vessel was confirmed to be in deplorable shape and should have never gone to sea. Fires erupted with regularity on the ship. Also, this class of vessel was known to have a “weak back”, which means the keel would split when weakened by corrosion causing the ship to break in two.

Flight 19 saga

View image on TwitterThis is probably the most notorious story about the Bermuda Triangle. Vincent Gaddis put the tale into the same Argosy magazine article where he coined the term “Bermuda Triangle” in 1964 and the two have been connected ever since. Encounters of the Third Kind.

Back on 5 December 1945 five Avenger torpedo bombers traveled into the air from the Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at 2:10 in the afternoon. It was a routine practice mission and all those aboard were students except for the Commander, a Lt. Charles Taylor. Confused by the navigator, Taylor took his flight further and further to the north, making the Avengers actually travel further out to sea. The bombers vanished away totally unnoticed, even one of the search planes joining in the fate, strangely enough.

Has Flight 19 ever been found? Well, in 1991 five Avengers were found off the coast of Florida. But the plane’s ID numbers, however, showed resemblance with as many as 139 Avengers thought to have gone into the water off the coast of Florida during the war. So, those found were not the sought bombers after all.

It looks like the final resting place of the lost squadron and their crews is still a real Bermuda, or Devil’s Triangle mystery, alongside many more, still raising debate and inspiring horror stories.

Some adventure seekers have even attempted to challenge the Bermuda Triangle, namely Polish traveler Alexander “Olek” Doba, who began his Portugal-to-Florida trek in a kayak on 5 October 2013, but finally, after 2 months, lost all of his communications.

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Scam Alert – ‘Malaysian MH370 Plane Found In Bermuda Triangle’

March 17, 2014 - Author: bdadmin
Malaysia Airlines - Bermuda Triangle Scam.

Malaysia Airlines – Bermuda Triangle Scam.

from hoax-slayer

According to a message that is currently being distributed on Facebook, missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has been located in the Bermuda Triangle. And, claims the message, the passengers on the plane are alive. The post invites users to click a link to view breaking news footage of the miracle discovery. It features a teaser image supposedly depicting the downed plane in the water with rescuers ferrying passengers to the nearby shore.

However, the claims in the message are callous lies perpetrated by immoral Facebook survey scammers. The missing aircraft certainly has not been found in the Bermuda Triangle and the promised video footage does not exist. At the time of writing, the location of the plane and the fate of its passengers were still unconfirmed.

The image used in the scam post shows a Lion Air passenger plane that crashed into the sea when landing on Bali in April 2013. While there were some injuries in the crash, there were no fatalities. The picture has no connection whatsoever with flight MH370.

Those who fall for the trick and click the link in the scam post will first be taken to a fake Facebook page and told that they must share the same message with their Facebook friends before they can access the supposed video. This tactic tricks them into doing the scammer’s dirty work by promoting the message across the network.

Once they have shared as requested, users will then be taken to another fake page that supposedly hosts the video. However, a popup ‘Security Check’ window will appear that claims that they must prove that they are human by clicking a link and participating in an online survey or offer.

But, no matter how many surveys or offers they complete, they will never get to see the promised video.

The surveys will ask users to provide their mobile phone numbers, ostensibly to get survey results or register for a prize. But, fine print on the page will inform users that, by submitting their phone numbers, they are actually signing up to a very expensive SMS subscription that takes several dollars from the user’s phone account every time it sends a text. Other surveys or offers may ask users to provide their name, address and phone number to continue participation. This information will later be shared with online marketers, resulting in unwanted email, phone calls and surface mail.

The people who create these survey scams earn money from affiliate marketing schemes whenever a user participates in a survey.

Sadly, these contemptible individuals seemingly have no scruples and are happy to capitalize on tragedies such as MH370 to further their own nefarious objectives. If one of these scam messages comes your way, do not click on any links that it contains.



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