William Grange is still missing in Bermuda.

William Grange is still missing in Bermuda.

William Grange is Missing!  Have you seen him in Bermuda?
William Grange is Missing! Have you seen him in Bermuda?

Have you seen him?  Here is his photo & a copy of the most recent story from the Tornto Sun

KINGSTON, Ont. — A Napanee, Ont., family is not giving up hope that their relative who has been missing in Bermuda for two weeks will be found.

William Grange, 67, was reported missing from the Cambridge Beach Resort after going for an evening walk May 2.

The retired lawyer and Napanee resident is said to suffer short-term memory loss and takes medication for seizures.

Numerous sightings of Grange have been reported to police, but despite massive search efforts, he has not been located.

William Grange - Missing in Bermuda - 67 years old.
William Grange – Missing in Bermuda – 67 years old.

On the May 10-11 weekend and throughout the search, police and civilian groups came together to scour the entire island.

Police as well as customs officials, prison guards, nursing staff and boy and girl scouts on the island pitched in to assist Grange’s family and friends examine as many hidden places on the island as they could, with no results.

On May 12, after sightings were reported, police teams used dogs to comb the region, but failed to find any clues to the missing man’s whereabouts.

Since May 2 the whole island has been searched.

Det.-Insp. Mark Clarke said at a May 12 news conference that the approach taken by police has changed from proactive to reactive because the police service can no longer assign large numbers of officers to the search effort.

Grange’s son, John Grange, immediately flew to Bermuda upon learning of his father’s disappearance.

“I first want to thank again everybody who has been involved in this search,” John Grange said at a press conference. “The Bermuda police department, the public, the Cambridge Beach Resort, all my friends, family and colleagues who have flown in to help with the search.

“My friends have been searching from top to bottom on the island, every parish. We’ve talked to hundreds of people. And there’s one thing I know for sure, is that the word is out, everyone knows that my dad is missing.”

John Grange believes his father is still alive and hiding somewhere on the island, disoriented and fearful.

“We don’t believe he’s still up and walking, we believe he’s probably bunkered down somewhere, in a shed, underneath a stairs,” he said at the press conference. “It could be in an abandoned house, I’ve searched many, many abandoned houses while I’ve been on the island.”

— With files from The Royal Gazette.  from the Tornto Sun

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