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Sushi chefs hard at work in Bermuda.
Sammy and Allan at Beluga Bar.

Our favourite sushi restaurant in Bermuda.  Beluga Bar is located downstairs in the Washington Mall.  Just down the stairs from where you pay for cable and Gibbon’s Home Section.

Beluga has a great menu with very innovative food ideas.  In fact, it is often best to tell Chef Sammy what you like and let him prepare something ‘just for you!’  He does this all day long with many customers.

The meal at ‘Beluga Bar’ starts with a complimentary salad with Iceberg lettuce, Seaweed salad and a few other veggies and a soy-based dressing.  Very fresh, healthy and tasty!!

Matteo Gilardoni at Beluga Bar - Hamilton, Bermuda.
Hi Matteo!

Expedia.comThen you can move on to any type of sushi, sashimi, tempura, nigiri or bento meal that you could possibly expect.  Be sure to try the Japanese Popcorn Shrimp with shaved Coconut!  It is to die for.  Also to die for??  Chuka Duck, Beef Tataki, Japanese Pizza, Edamame Soup… on and on and on…. right up to The Sammy Roll – Sammy’s Signature Roll!

There is also great service at Beluga Bar.  Matteo is an absolute pleasure and runs the floor with perfect ease and grace.

One thing to mention:  Many times in the afternoon it gets quite busy but they are always up front with you when you may need to be patient.  And, the food is always worth whatever small wait there may be.  Hey, have an Asahi!

Sushi chefs at Beluga Bar. One of Bermuda's best restaurants.
Allan and Allen at Beluga Bar.

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Washington Mall
Lower Mall
18 Church Street
Telephone: 441-542-2859

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