Bermuda Bistro at The Beach has 100% Bermudians on staff

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Bermuda Bistro at The Beach to be 100% Bermudian!

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excerpted from bermudasun
Don Burgess, Deputy Editor
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 7:50 AM

…”As of April 1, Bermuda Bistro at the Beach’s 40+ staff will all be Bermudians. Owner Rick Olson said he set out two years ago to make this reality, which has been fueled by the current economic climate in Bermuda.

He said locals are more likely to take jobs that have unsociable hours now as they try to make ends meet.

“This is part of a process over the last two years to try to Bermudianize.

Richard Olson Bermuda
Rick Olson, owner of Bermuda Bistro

The talent pool is so much better now than it was three, four or five years ago when it was virtually impossible to find decent people to work in a local bar. They would rather work in a hotel where there were more sociable hours. We’re open to three in the morning, seven days a week, and it’s tough to find people that want to work those hours.” “…


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