Bermuda group film South Africa “Falling off the Rock” video

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The first in a new mini web series from EpicTV (<- see the video at EpicTV).  Andrew Kirkpatrick and Mike Wilson traveled from Bermuda to South Africa to film a group of intrepid athletes and the extreme 600ft Waterfall Rope from a shear cliff-face at Magwa Falls.

This 600ft Rope Swing Bungee Jump Is Your Childhood Dream on Acid | Never Before, Never Again

The pair were invited to Africa’s most southern country by EpicTV after stumbling across their video of Bermuda – “Falling off the Rock,” which was a huge youtube hit. The company liked the Bermuda cliff diving video so much that they offered the group, BurntHouse Productions, a new web mini series for EpicTV starring Mike Wilson.

They shot this video at South Africa’s Magwa Falls from any incredibly high cliff with an active waterfall.  Many breathtaking shots ensue as the extreme athletes make jump after jump with their GoPros fastened to various parts of their bodies.

You have to see this!  Congratulations to the team at BurntHouse Productions.  They keep inspiring us with their videos.  Remember “Happy (Bermuda style)“?  Keep up the good work, guys!



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