Bermuda Violence | bus driver beaten in broad daylight

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Buses in Bermuda.
Violence on a Bermuda Bus

More Violence in Bermuda.

From The Royal Gazette
By Gareth Finighan
Published Feb 11, 2014

Juliet Pearman-Tucker, who has worked as a bus driver for 15 years, suffered from facial bruising and a sprained shoulder in the attack and is likely to be off work for the rest of the week.

Ms Pearman-Tucker said she was heading into Hamilton from the west end when she stopped to pick up two passengers outside the Henry VIII Pub shortly after 11am.

A woman believed to be in her 20s boarded the bus and told the driver she was transferring from another vehicle.

Bermuda Public Transportation
Hamilton Bus Depot in Bermuda.

When Ms Pearman-Tucker pointed out that she would have to pay a fare, the passenger ignored her and sat down.  The confrontation escalated after Ms Pearman-Tucker said she would call the police if the passenger did not disembark.

The driver claims that when she took out her cell phone and began dialing a number, the passenger got up from her seat, ran to her and began trying to wrestle the phone from her.

In the ensuing violence, Ms Pearman-Tucker was punched in the face.

“I was completely shocked, I just didn’t see it coming. I just feel so embarrassed and humiliated by the whole experience.

“We had tourists on-board and they felt embarrassed for me.”

The Royal Gazette understands that a suspect has been arrested and is expected to appear before the courts shortly.

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