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Bermuda is famous for its silky soft pink beaches.  That distinctive pinkish color is due to a tiny little single-celled animal called Foraminifera.  Millions of these microscopic creatures and their red skeletons are continually calcifying on the reefs offshore, and are then crushed by the huge, erosive power of the ocean and washed up on the beaches.

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A Photograph of a Bermuda Beach.Bermuda has nearly 25 miles of beach ranging from long sandy stretches to intimate coves and rocky shores, and some 20 percent of it is open to the public.  Our beaches are virtually unspoiled - although some beaches have snack and drink facilities (look out for Bermuda's cheap and cheerful lunch carts), there are few cabana type bars and it is illegal to sell alcohol on the beach.  Also, nude sunbathing is not permitted.

Most of the island's best sandy beaches can be found on the South Shore where, as a general guide, the tends to be rougher and conditions are often ideal for body surfing.

North Shore beaches tend to be rockier but the water calmer in the summer.  Most of Bermuda's most popular beaches have lifeguards on duty during the summer season.

So whether you are looking to lounge in the sun or try a spot of snorkeling, here's a guide to some of Bermuda's Best:

Elbow Beach

Surfside Beach

Warwick Long Bay Beach

John Smith's Bay Beach

Sonesta Hotel and Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach

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