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Ben Ainslie Racing Team is here!

January 18, 2015 - Author: bdadmin

According to a story in the Royal Gazette, Sir Ben Ainslie is set to arrive today.  He flies in to join his team who has been here assembling two NACRA F20 – 20 foot foiling catamarans.

Here is an excerpt from

The ‘Ben Ainslie team’ has been here setting up two of his catamarans and Sir Ben, himself, is due to arrive today!

Ben Ainslie arrives in Bermuda for the America's Cup 2017.

Sir Ben Ainslie is due to arrive and join his racing team here in Bermuda, today! They are the first to bring their boats to the island.

Sir Ainslie has been pretty vocal about the fact that he preferred Bermuda over its hosting rival, San Diego.  He has stated that the British team would prefer that Bermuda host the 2017 America’s Cup given its “connections with the UK,” according to multiple international media reports.

The Olympic sailor is no stranger to Bermuda, having sailed here many times before, as well as participated in sailing clinics with youth sailors.

“I haven’t sailed that much in San Diego but I have in Bermuda for the Gold Cup and I think that it [the weather] would be a great challenge for the teams,” he said. “It’s pretty variable, so from a design point of view it would be a pretty big challenge for everybody.”

Said BAR team member Jonathan Goring about the boats:

They are regarded as the ultimate racing catamaran.  The NACRA F20 is designed for inshore and coastal racing and is equipped with a flight-controlling system making it capable of reaching speeds approaching 30mph. “They are ideal for training because they are small, fast, foiling boats,” Mr Goring said.

“They are much more twitchy than the bigger boats, so they are more sensitive.”

More team members are due to arrive on Island today (Sunday 1/18/15), among them team principal and skipper Sir Ben Ainslie, the most decorated sailor in Olympic history.

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