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Located in Paget Parish, Elbow Beach is a lovely long and accessible beach if you're staying in the central area of Bermuda.  It can be reached off Tribe Road No. 4 between the Elbow Beach Hotel and the Coral Beach Club, both of whom run semi private sections for guests at either end of the beach.  Mickey's at the eastern hotel end, offers good beachside food and drink.  There is usually a lunch cart at the public entrance.

Elbow Beach--One of the most consistently popular beaches in Bermuda, Paget Parish's Elbow Beach incorporates almost 1.5km (1 mile) of (occasionally interrupted) pale pink sand. Private homes and resort hotels dot the edges. Because protective coral reefs surround it, Elbow Beach is one of the safest beaches on the island -- and it's the family favorite. This is also the beach of choice for college students on spring break.

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