Happy | Bermuda | video to the Pharrell Williams song

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Happy Bermuda Video

US rapper, Pharrell Williams, has taken the final UK number one single of 2013 with “Happy” after the track, which features in 3D animated comedy Despicable Me 2, sold 107,000 copies in the last week.

Here is a video of Bermuda put to his tune by the guys at BurntHouse Productions & IntoBermuda.com

This video was shot in Bermuda with real Bermudians.  Thanks for such great art, guys!

Happy Bermuda

from the royal gazette Feb 10, 2014

Happy - Bermuda - Video
Video of Happy for Bermuda.

An online video celebrating Bermuda has gone viral, receiving more than 55,000 views since being put on YouTube on Friday.

‘Happy (Bermuda)’, set to the Academy Award nominated song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, features dozens of people — and a few dolphins — dancing at iconic spots across the Island.

Director Andrew Kirkpatrick, of BurntHouse Productions, said the song had already become a viral hit when a friend suggested that he put together a Bermuda-centric video for the song.

“I thought I could do something, and I enlisted the help of some friends and went around the Island trying to capture Bermuda in all it’s beauty,” he said.

“We wanted to show a bit more of the Island, rather than just going down a few streets with people dancing. It took about a week, going around from place to place and tracking down the right people.”

Mr Kirkpatrick said that as he and fellow filmmaker Laura Siegfried drove around the Island, they came across more and more scenes and people that they wanted to include. While some people were nervous about dancing on camera, he said almost everyone they asked was willing to give it a go.

“A lot of it was spontaneous. We were just going around town when we saw the Town Crier [Ed Christopher]. I just kind of grabbed him and asked if we could see him bust a move,” Mr Kirkland said.

He said he and partner Nhuri Bashir decided the video would be a fantastic device to launch their new website, intobermuda.com, which they hope to use to advertise the Island through new media.

Asked about the rapidly rising number of views, he said: “We were just hoping to get it out there. The more views it gets, the more people get to see Bermuda and the fun that we have here. I love the Island, and I want everyone to see how great this place is.   [more]

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