Horseshoe Bay Beach


Southampton Parish Bermuda:  Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda's best known, most popular beach.  They have excellent beach house facilities and the venue for hot summer parties.  The sheltered "baby beach" to the west is popular with families with small children.

Horseshoe Bay Beach--With its long, curved strip of pink sand, Horseshoe Bay, on South Shore Road in Southampton Parish, is one of Bermuda's most famous beaches. That means it's likely to be crowded, especially if cruise ships are in port. Although families flock here, Horseshoe Bay isn't the safest beach on Bermuda. Don't be fooled by the seemingly smooth surface; there can be dangerous undercurrents. If you're using the beach after a storm, be especially careful that you don't encounter a Portuguese man-of-war -- they often wash up here in greater numbers than elsewhere on Bermuda.

One advantage this beach has over others is the Horseshoe Bay Beach Cafe (tel. 441/238-2651), which offers changing rooms, toilets, beach-gear rentals, and showers. It also serves snacks and sandwiches from 9am to 5pm daily. A lifeguard is on duty from May to September. Insider's tip: When you tire of the crowds at Horseshoe Bay, take one of the little trails that wind through the park nearby; they'll lead you to secluded cove beaches that afford more privacy. Our favorites are Port Royal Cove to the west, and Peel Rock Cove and Wafer Rocks Beach to the east. You might also sneak over to Chaplin Bay to the east . Take bus no. 7 from the City of Hamilton.

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