Canadian Man Misssing in Bermuda

William Grange - Missing in Bermuda - 67 years old.
William Grange – Missing in Bermuda – 67 years old.

67 year old William Grange — who suffers from short term memory loss — arrived in Bermuda for a vacation and has not been seen since Friday [May 2]. Police.

John Grange speaks to the media and the public in Bermuda after his father went missing .
John Grange/son:
“I ask you to take a few minutes out of your day today to please take an extra look because I really believe we’re going to find him.”
67 Year old William Grange and his wife were on vacation at the Cambridge Beach Resort when he went missing.
He was last seen Friday evening when he went for a stroll around the resort by himself— and did not return to his hotel room.
Since then, Bermuda Police and the public have been working to find him.
Several family members have also made the trip to help find him.
Det. Insp. Mark Clarke/BPS:
“We searched the hotel grounds, we have also searched the area and grounds surrounding the hotel- that would include the beaches, the under-grove, and various other resorts in the area.”
Maegen Kulchar:
“At this point police in Bermuda have mobilised as many as 12 officers who are specifically tasked to search for the 67 year old and so far what they can confirm is that he has not left the island.”
Det. Insp. Mark Clarke/BPS:
“We’ve been getting calls and seem to be getting calls every 10 minutes with possible sightings of him and we’ve had people going to those areas searching and knocking on doors.”
So far they have had no success finding him.
According to the son, the family is concerned for his safety- He suffers from short term memory loss, and hasn’t taken his seizure medication in a couple days.
John Grange/son:
“I think he doesn’t know where he is and he has a history of seizures and if he’s had a couple he might have woken up from one and looked outside and has no idea where he is.”
Bermuda Police have made the search for Grange a high priority and say they will not stop looking for him until he is found.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 295-0011.

Det Insp Clarke also said anyone with a possible lead should feel free to call him at 717-0282.

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