Oscars 2014: Pharrell Williams unleashes the Bermuda tuxedo

Bermuda Tuxedo - Pharrell Williams.
Pharrell Williams, wearing a Lanvin shorts tuxedo, and Helen Lasichanh. (Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images)

from latimes.com

You might call it a Bermuda tuxedo.

Pharrell Williams, fashion focus puller extraordinaire who stole the Grammys show with a Vivienne Westwood Mountie-style hat and spawned an Internet meme and runway trend at the same time, is at it again.

At the Oscars Sunday night, he’s wearing a Lanvin shorts tuxedo. Experimental, absolutely. A little bit little boy? Perhaps.

But obviously, Williams is ahead of the curve. The guy knows what he’s doing. Shorts aside, the jacket, tie and tie pin are all quite striking. And you know we’ll be talking about it tomorrow, next week and, well, forever.



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