The Swizzle Inn | Bailey’s Bay | Bermuda

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Popular tourist destination, The Swizzle Inn.
The Swizzle Inn Restaurant and Swagger Out Gift Shop.

No matter where you may travel in the world, whenever you mention ‘Bermuda,’ one name always pops up…  The Swizzle Inn.  And, why not?  Housed in a building originally built in 1652, it has been the local watering hole and unofficial departure lounge for the airport for generations.  Today it is just as popular as ever and is hopping everyday from 11am-1am.  From the second the doors open in the morning til they throw the last drunk out at night (usually Ray, the entertainer), the place is just packed with tourists and locals alike who love to experience the jovial atmosphere, strong cocktails and large, delicious meals!  Expedia.comWeekly specials, a somewhat eccentric decorating style, the ‘Swagger Out’ gift shop and the nightly entertainment set The Swizzle Inn a notch above the rest when it comes to dining/night spots in Bermuda!

Swizzle Inn - Bermuda.
Neon sign at The Swizzle Inn, Bailey’s Bay, Bermuda.

There are now two ‘Swizzles’ in Bermuda.  There is a second location in Warwick on south shore.  The one in Warwick is called “The Swizzle South Shore”.  Only the location in Bailey’s Bay is officially, “The Swizzle Inn.”  If you want to be technical, anyway.

Picture of the Swizzle Inn Sign.
The Swizzle Inn built in 1652

The Swizzle Inn, Baileys Bay
3 Blue Hole Hill
Baileys Bay CR 04
Telephone: (441) 293-1854
Fax: (441) 293-4422

The Swizzle South Shore
87 South Road

The Swizzle Inn in Bailey's Bay, Bermuda.
The Swizzle Inn at night. Bailey’s Bay, Bermuda.

Both Swizzles are open everyday from 11am til… late.



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