Travel to Bermuda from the UK

Travel from Britain to Bermuda.
Travel to Bermuda from the United Kingdom.

From The Independent, Tuesday 11 February 2014:

Floating in the glittering Atlantic waters, Bermuda is a subtropical paradise of 21 square miles of islands, islets and rocks, all surrounded by a coral reef plateau. The temperature hovers in the high 20s for most of the year, thanks to a unique climate caressed by the warming waters of the Gulf Stream. And Britain’s oldest colony offers a more exotic slice of home, with traditional Bobbies, afternoon tea and red telephone boxes.

It’s scattered with landmarks and hundreds of forts, as well as the Unesco World Heritage listed Town of St George dating from 1612, and a host of historic sites.

Bermuda Holidays from the UK.
Travel to Bermuda and see the beautiful pink beaches.

Natural attractions, meanwhile, include the stunning Spittal Pond and the Azure pools of The Crystal and Fantasy Caves.

One of Bermuda’s most alluring draws is, of course, its beaches – imagine youself walking barefoot along the postcard perfect pink sands of Horseshoe Bay. Then there are quiet, secluded coves as well as family favourites like Shelly Bay or Tobacco and Church Bays – ideal for snorkelers.  [more]


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